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I must say it's difficult to pinpoint just how amazing this piece of art truly is without using over 865 million paragraphs but I'll tr...


Once again its been a long time since I updated and once again I've gotten involved in more projects OUTSIDE of DA. Rather then doing another catching up journal entry, I thought I'd do a fun little self reflection on the various projects I've attempted that for some reason or another didn't work out! This isn't to diss on myself as an artist but rather to look at old projects and talk about why they just never happened or if I have ever considered getting around to them! SO LETS BEGIN! :DD


9. All Of The Above :icongwahplz:

It's kind of embarrassing that this was one of my longer running comics as it was literally about NOTHING! In this comic I pretty much just decided to wing it which admittedly was pretty fun but it never really kept a consistent tone and it ultimately doesn't evoke any real emotions. It wasn't particularly funny, interesting, or anything because it was ridiculously incomprehensible and I just lost interest. It's definitely not one of my better ideas and I'm pretty glad I dropped it XD I may one day bring back the main character, Denzel in something else but to be blunt, the All Of The Above we know is pretty dead and it shall STAY that way ^-^

8. Rockin Prodigies :iconohdearplz:

This was my first ever collaboration with :iconpyrofiend324:,  a man that I STILL keep in contact with and collaborate with today! And while this one certainly isnt one of my better showcases, it shall always have a place in my heart. The story was that our characters ended up getting literally sucked into the guitar hero game and becoming rock gods! It was the silliest idea, but we made a few pages nonetheless! Of course in not even a year the concept would be dropped and we along with the Jason and Austin characters would move on to bigger and better things, namely Chaos Divine, a game Pyro and I made that WON'T be appearing on this list because it's still going pretty strong! As far as I'm concerned though, him and I have had 2 successful collaborations, Chaos Divine is one, and I will elaborate on the other later in this list!

7. IGC (International Gaming Competition?) :iconthe-igc:

This could be considered a collaboration amongst a very large group of people but technically we were all making our
own stories separately. Similarly to Rockin Prodigies, the characters get sucked into a particular game where they have to complete tests assigned by the NPCs or... die..? I guess? One choice I will always regret in it was deciding to have my character go into a mod rather then an actual game. Had I played around with the idea of being in a game more, this could have been a whole lot better and probably more fun XD Evidently though, I was NOT the only one to totally forget about it. Yeah the IGC group is pretty much dead but I don't think I would mind some day trying to reimagine it! Speaking of which...

6. Beta Chasers :iconhurrplz:

SURPRISE! I ALREADY TRIED DOING THAT! In all seriousness though, this is the part of the list that I'm actually kinda sad didn't work out. This one was GOING to be the reimagining of IGC with my personal friends being implemented into the story rather then a million random people gettin involved in separate stories. I wouldn't actually mind one day trying to go for this again, but honestly I have a lot of other things I want to get around to as well! For now, it's on the back burner.

5. Unforgotten Doubts :iconstalgins:

So Stalgins is a group where we all create Pokesonas for ourselves and.. role play I suppose! So what happens when you take this clearly functional group of friends and *GASP* put them to war with each other? What you partially get is :iconpyrofiend324: and I trying to make an actually interesting story, but what you mostly get is a group of self indulgent pokemon role players being sad to an almost hilarious degree! There are so many pictures be it on the cover art or the character profiles of the pokesonas just being sad, and I'm definitely not going to go and find all of them for you guys, but ill just say there are a lot. Because there were like 5 different ideas on how the story would go, the writing became a total mess and everyone eventually started to realize that the project was just a little too personal. I'm not particularly interested in continuing it and I dont think anyone else is either. XD

4. Pokemon Bro Silver :iconilickitplz:

I actually did like this one quite a lot for the time I was working on it. This was supposed to be a Nuzlocke challenge and I actually did get pretty far in the game itself ^-^ I also had quite a few ideas for it as well, but alas I ended up putting it off and I inevitably lost motivation. To be totally honest, the reason was that at the same time I was making it, :iconpyrofiend324: continued 2 of his comics that were both doing way better then mine. It was kind of a shot to my confidence and I just didnt have the will to keep at it. Its not his fault by the way, I should have been more willing to keep trying and I should never have compared myself so much to him. Who knows, I might try a new nuzlocke again some day but I wont make any promises.

3. Skyrim Comics :iconiloveitmoreplz:

This ones actually one of my more viewed series of comics and truth be told, I havent necessarily lost motivation for it. I actually really liked poking fun at the game like that and it seems a lot of other people really liked it too! If I ever do reboot the comics, which i actually feel like I want to do, I probably wouldn't exclusively make it about Skyrim! But yeah, it's definitely still something I want to try out.

2. Backlight

This is one of the big ones here! I got the idea for this comic when listening to Tokyo by The Wombats and I even created some characters for it, namely Jia Peng, Parry, Inuha, and Sukiko 4.5. But I have NEVER forgotten about it! Even now I still think of it and I still have a million ideas for it! A couple of my friends also came up with character ideas and even now, I really want to make it because I feel like I could legitimately make it good! A couple people tried to deter me from it by saying I was being lazy or something like that but I say screw em XD I wanna make this. It does have some strong resemblances to Teen Titans in terms of concepts but I've conceptualized so much of it that I feel it would be a waste to never act on it. I want to make it though when I have the time to really give it some attention and effort.

1. Active_ Partition (The Game)

Ok so, if you're familiar with :iconpyrofiend324: s page at all you'll know he has a comic called Active_Partition, but try
and wrap your head around this one. We actually planned for a game to be made for it as well as almost sort of a second game project now that our skills have improved. HOWEVER, the game version of Active_Partition is absolutely nothing like its comic counterpart. It's in the same universe but that is it. There is a whole new group of characters in a whole new world. Each element of it was planned out pretty extensively and we even have a playable version. We haven't focused on it for a while but in the process that I was working on it, I became ridiculously passionate about the world and characters, and writing scenes with them became a total joy! For the first time in like forever, I felt like my writing was actually really good! Keep in mind though, it's not dead at least it BETTER not be but it has been a while since we've gotten the chance to dedicate time to it!

So thats my list! :3 I hope you guys enjoyed and I'd recommend that you guys try doing this list to! It was a fun little analysis of my experiments thus far! Anyway, see you guys around.
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