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I must say it's difficult to pinpoint just how amazing this piece of art truly is without using over 865 million paragraphs but I'll tr...

It has been a LONG time since I posted anything on this website be it a journal or a deviation. Even if there aren't many people who
need to know I figured I might as well clear up some things.

Why the hiatus?:

Well aside from working on the typical projects that I've been working on for years like Chaos Divine, I've also just been super
busy with school as well as work! Yup! I have a job now! I work at a pet store basically and it's pretty awesome since I get to 
meet people dogs and what not. More importantly though I'm making my own money now. Juggling that, school, and my 
relationship has kept me pretty busy.

So what projects have I been doing in the mean time?:

Many things that AREN'T posting on here! 
1. I've been helping my friend :iconpyrofiend324: edit his comic Active Partition. To be honest I play a very minor role in that though. The whole comic is basically done by him. I only bring it up because of #2.

2. I'm writing yet another script for a video game based on that same comic. Well it's not really based on the comic. It's technically
the same universe but it has completely different characters and basically a whole different world. Pyrofiend helps me edit
that every now and then as well but for the most part, it's my work.

3. If you're familiar with Joshscorcher :iconjoshscorcherplz: then you may know that he's written a MLP fanfiction called Recasted. 
Well a youtuber that goes by the name "theheroofmobius" is turning that fanfiction into an audio drama and guess who just 
so happened to get casted. I voice one of the main characters in the drama and I was also recently recruited to help with the 
audio mixing of it. There's been so many delays on it and the first episode still hasn't come out after months and months but hopefully we're finally getting back on track with it.

4. VIDEOGAMES! I can't deny that I've been playing a lot of video games as well. I got the chance to play some games that
I never was able to pick up before and I'm revisiting some games that I used to play as a kid. I like to kinda of turn critiquing them into a bit of an exercise. For a couple examples:

.Borderlands 2: It's good! The weapons are fun to use (like they were in the first game), the entire world feels pretty big, and playing with a friend is ridiculously fun. The humor is kinda cringe worthy at times though and I don't really know how seriously I'm supposed to take the game. The coding is also kind of fucked up. There are a ton of game breaking glitches that can make your character completely OP.

.Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes: Ehhh.. It's not bad but the stealth mechanics are pretty frustrating and the environments aren't too interesting. The writing is kinda silly and convoluted as well and the boss fights weren't too great except for Psycho Mantis. I heard
a lot of good things about it beforehand so it felt pretty disappointing. That being said...

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: It was REALLY good! The stealth elements were a lot better in my opinion. I liked that
most of the game took place in the jungle and the system of camoflage and the hunting for animals was actually 
surprisingly immersive. The boss fights are pretty good too; especially The Fury and The End! The writing will still kinda dumb at times though and the story was ridiculously convoluted. 

Psychonauts: I'm replaying this game at the moment! It's obviously pretty amazing! The game is incredibly imaginative and travelling through the minds of all these colorful characters is both hilarious and compelling. Sometimes that platforming feels a bit out of control (especially in the meat circus) but its ultimately a great game.

Sorry for this segment taking so long

5. COUNTDOWNS AND REVIEWS! I've been writing a few of my own countdowns and most of them are about pokemon. I do want to branch out a bit more in that respect and when I work up a bit more confidence I'd certainly like to post them on youtube.

So will I post in the future and will I post more regularly?:

I will absolutely try! I have a couple projects for my Motion Graphics class complete and I will definitely post those on here in the near future. I may also post a text version of some of those countdowns I was talking about. That may help me transition to making youtube videos easier.

As for my drawings, well I'd like to make more but I have a broken tablet and it will probably be a while before I get another one :C

For now though, here's one project I recently completed :3

Unfortunately my recent uploads will likely be way different from my norm for a while but I hope it doesn't stop you guys from liking my work :33


United States
Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Random songs
Favourite photographer: My Grandfather
Favourite cartoon character: Gir
Personal Quote: "What is it?"

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